in 1880, the young Denver Waker graduated as a mehanic from the Denver Scho of Enginerin and Computer Science in the United States. 0ut of interest in people' s heltadustment methods, Waker explored varous possibites that can enourage people to exercise on ther own.A ne type of ftness method from the easterm United States, mechanicaruning opportunities, give people unexpeted help. However, this kind of treadmil at this time can only be regarded as a kind of "convenient agrcultural equipment" This kind of stairruning power device is powered by lvestock, nder the premise of aima protection laws and soca development this kind of euipent is The society accuses and elminates therAlthough some people produced horizontal ones at that time, they stil did not solve the most primitive conflicts between equipment and fitness

Because ofhis ambiton,Waker personaly tried a runnind dlatform comosed of circular rolers.A plastic unnind bet and a running board were instaled betwen the two rolers.Tema mauemant mehod c t aN n th f wn t rS t ad  mnd e t  th m  ah the t f wn ad waA untaiures and reeated tials this atemot finaly achieved preliminary results. This s the firs-eneraton treadmil in the modern sense.Due to the specal way of movement, Walkernamed the mactine he made GYOS rans ated as aker, in this way, Wake was suceshu, and ths machin wa adopted and produced by may ftmess comnanies that werbeginning to take shape at that time.

in the days that folowed,Waker did ot tel complacent about the previous results, but took the oportunity to conduct more i-depth research, Based on a generation of mechanicarumimwth the suport ot many funds,Wa er bean crasti morovements and cared out arous A sdeca esearct on construction eoument W/th the dua suportof tecmnoloaand guality, Walker finally established his own brand company GYMOST in 1985. named after the first generation of mechanical running

ince then,GYMOST has ontinued to develoo, focusing on the develooment of readmils, exercise bkes comprehensive trainina devices and other ftness ecuioment that are closerelated to peoples ftness concepts. n 200,GYMOST developed a safer, more durable, quieter,more energy-eficient, and more stable fourth-generation inverter treadmil. At the sameime Waker refered to his own enrepreneura thknd and chanoed the brand ad trademark of GYMOST o GYMOST Exreme Smorts and at te ame fme ther s no end Patribute to the brave who rushes towards their ideals, and also made a new annotation for fitness!


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